3-2 Meal Plan

3-2_eating_planPlease read completely prior to starting the 3-2 Eating Plan.

What is the 3-2 Eating Plan?

Developed by Mack Newton across many years, the 3-2 Eating Plan is one of the most effective ways to eat healthy. The 3-2 allows your body to “return to neutral” and to reverse the effects of a lifetime of poor eating habits. The 3-2 is called an “eating plan” and not a “diet” for a simple reason: You’re allowed to eat as much as you like when it comes to the foods on the plan. In fact, Mack encourages all the 3-2 followers to eat a lot.

As he puts it, “The more you eat, the more you lose.”

When you’re on the 3-2 Eating Plan, there’s a few things you should keep in mind. First, it’s not how much you eat … it’s WHAT you eat. Also, it’s not WHEN you eat… it’s WHAT you eat. It’s always about WHAT you eat. For people who have been on limiting diets for years at a time, the concept of eating more to lose weight and get healthy is difficult to grasp. But once they get used to it, look out. The pounds begin to fall away.

Why is it called the 3-2?

Because there’s 3 things you can eat and 2 things you can drink.

On the eating side, you’ll be stocking up on:

  • Lean source protein. That’s fresh MEAT, real MEAT, not processed, dried or reconfigured meat. And by meat, Mack means fish, beef, pork, poultry and lamb that you can bake, broil, grill, barbecue or steam.
  • Green vegetables. If it’s not green – as in spinach, broccoli, asparagus, etc. – don’t eat it.
  • Fresh fruit. Apples, bananas, pears. Get used to them, because they’re your new best friends.

When it comes to the two things you can drink, there’s:

  • Fresh, clean water. Not carbonated or flavored water, just plain old H2O.
  • Real, fresh fruit juice. Not juice drinks, Gatorade or processed juices. The real stuff.

This is considered the STRICT 3-2 EATING PLAN. A “Mack Shake” is breakfast and accounts for 80% of your fruit for the day. So, any additional juice or fruit you eat during the day should equal the final 20%. The strict 3-2 is for people 20 pounds or more overweight or who have been 5 to 20 pounds overweight for more than 3 years.

After I meet my target weight, what’s next?

After you’ve met your goals on the strict 3-2, you’ll move on to the 3-2 PLATFORM. The 3-2 Platform is for those who aren’t overweight, but may be “over fat.” It’s for those who have met their weight and body-fat goals on a strict 3-2.

The 3-2 PLATFORM is: the strict 3-2 eating plan plus you can have 1 serving of potato (with skin) and/or rice per week, vegetables of any color, mushrooms, 1 serving of dessert per week, and one alcoholic beverage per day (no accumulation, 1 per day only). To determine if you are “over fat,” check the following ranges for healthy body-fat levels.

Under 30 years old: 14%-20% Under 30 years old: 17%-24%
Over 30 years old: 17%-23% Over 30 years old: 20%-27%

Source: Tanita Corporation of America, Inc, Arlington Heights, Ill 60005

Welcome to the healthy world of 3-2 eating. Focus on what you CAN eat and not on what you CAN’T. Explore. Try new combination’s. Visit the recipe segment on this website for some ideas and don’t give up. A health lifestyle is within your grasp.