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Anger is a phenomenon. It is a major source of negativity and stress. Anger has contributed to the destruction of or destroyed more marriages and relationships than any other negative emotion that I can think of. People who are unable to control their anger have lost their jobs and entire careers because of it and some parents have even destroyed the personalities of their growing children with outbursts to anger. In short, outbursts of anger has caused more unhappiness than any other emotion.

In my early adult years, anger was like some secret assassin lying in wait to destroy my dreams and ambitions. Sometimes I felt like I was always angry. I was simply waiting for something or someone to trigger me. It always happened, it was only a matter of time. The remarkable thing about anger is that is basically unnecessary. There is no question that we can eliminate it from our lives should we decide to do so and nothing good ever comes from it. Absolutely nothing. I used to think that I performed better when I was angry, that I was some how faster, stronger. Well, it’s not true that I was better. Actually, when I’m angry I’m less creative, slower mentally and make poor decisions.

The turning point in my life came when I realized that anger was coming from within me, not from what was going on around me. It’s always coming from you and the person you are, NOT from what other people are saying or doing. No one makes you angry. Nothing makes you angry. Anger is a response that you CHOOSE to a situation. You can just as easily decide to respond in a calm, positive manner as opposed to anger. YOU are always free to choose.

Outbursts of anger are a sign of weakness. They demonstrate immaturity and a complete lack of self-discipline. First, stop using anger as a response to things that you don’t like. Second, don’t rush to judgment, slow down, ask a few questions and that will allow you make better decisions. Remember, when we remain calm, we become better people.

Mack Newton

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