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Anger is perhaps the most destructive of all negative emotions. Uncontrolled anger ruins marriages and relationships, destroys the personalities of growing children, loses jobs and careers and causes more unhappiness than any other emotion and the remarkable thing is that it is largely unnecessary. Simply put, anger is a response that you choose to a particular situation and you are always free to choose a better and calm response. I feel that anger comes from inside of you…it comes from the person you are and not from anything that anyone else says or does. Anger is sparked by a perception that someone is attacking you or you are being taken advantage of in some way. Often, anger is caused by frustrated expectations or when things don’t work out the way you want them to. People who get angry repeatedly have less and less resistance to getting angry and live on the edge of being angry all the time and are just waiting for something to set them off. Anger is their automatic response to every perceived problem in their world. It seems that everything and everyone makes them angry because they see themselves as a victim and under attack from a hostile world. Understand this…angry outbursts are a sign of weakness. They demonstrate a lack of character and insincerity of purpose. To stop anger before it happens, which is the only way to deal with anger, because it can’t be controlled… stop using anger as a response to things you don’t like. Be more patient and withhold judgement…this will slow you down and allow for a better response. Not only will you improve the quality of your life, but you will positively impact the lives of everyone around you. ~ Mack Newton