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The only thing that determines how well a person does or how far a person goes in life is attitude. Attitude is not only important…attitude is EVERYTHING! Well, since we know that having a positive mental attitude is important, why do so many people have bad attitudes? It’s simple; most people don’t know where attitudes come from.

Attitudes come from our expectations about the outcomes of situations. If we expect things to work out well we have a good attitude. If we expect things to turn out poorly we have a bad attitude. It’s just that simple. But here is the key element in this equation: winners make a habit of creating their outcomes in advance of the situation. Yes, winners MANUFACTURE their own positive expectations in ADVANCE! This is the method that all winners use to keep their minds focused on the things that they want to have, be or do and off the things that they don’t want.

A positive mental attitude is absolutely essential for experiencing consistent success. Make a habit of simply expecting the best out of everything you do and also expect the best of those important people around you. Negative expectations are the cause of more failed relationships than almost anything else. So, get your attitude right…expect the best!

Mack Newton

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