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Choosing Thoughts

Whatever you love you bring into your life. If you love knowledge, you will get it. If you love wisdom, you will get it, too. All things await your choosing, by you choosing the thoughts you hold in your mind on a continuing basis.

A thought is not a “nothing”, but instead it is a “something”. In order for you to think it, it must exist. It must be a thing! And, it is a “thing” with a powerful energy of it’s own. Thoughts give you the power to as strong or as weak as you choose to be. A person remains selfish and impatient becuase they love being selfish and impatient and chooses selfish and impatient thoughts.

The world doesn’t hold you back…you hold yourself back. By choosing thoughts in harmony with what you love, you put yourself on the side of the Angels and move toward your true life. MN