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Conscious Language

Are you a winner or loser? I can talk to someone for a few minutes and determine the answer to that question just by the words they use. I have heard that there are no meaningless thoughts. There are also not any meaningless words. All words that you speak are very, very important. It’s called conscious language.

Conscious language is the words you put out into the world that give instructions to your subconscious mind and to the Universe. People often say things that are self-limiting or self-negating. When you use the phrase I am, your subconscious mind goes instantly on alert. Most dangerous is if you follow the phrase I am with negative or limiting thoughts, such as I am tired…I am poor…I am angry. You are providing the Universe and your own mind with a road map for what you don’t want to become. Words become self-fulfilling prophecies. Winners say I am powerful…I am capable…I am patient…I am ready.

Words create images in our mind. Images are one of the most powerful ways to change the outer events of your world faster than you can possibly imagine. Images give you desire and energy. When you get a fearful image in your mind, that image is so powerful that your body will actually physically react in a fearful way. You may break out in a sweat or begin to tremble. Your heart rate can also rise along with your blood pressure. Your body doesn’t know the difference between an image held in your mind and an actual event. The pictures you maintain in your mind and project then become your world.

Your dominant thoughts and self-concept are expressed verbally in language and become the “tapes” you run in your head. These tapes begin running as soon as you are faced with a critical situation. Those words will be played back to you at moments that determine whether you act in a manner that makes you a winner or loser in life. It’s just that simple.

Whether it’s a project or an idea, your health or your body, a solution to a problem or a brand new endeavor, form a clear image in your mind and use conscious language to speed you toward your goals. The more crystallized your instructions to your subconscious mind and the universe, the faster the universe can help you bring your plan into reality.

Winners and losers don’t talk the same. A winner makes commitments. Losers make promises. I’ve heard that promises are made to be broken. I would rather have five minutes of commitment than a lifetime of promises.

Winners are always learning from those who are superior to them in knowledge or performance. Losers are always trying to tear down those who are better than them. Suppose I have a chalkboard with two lines of equal length and ask students to make them unequal. A loser will go to the board and erase part of one line. A winner will make one line longer than the other. It’s a concept in the martial arts called Lengthening Your Line. Winners will always lengthen their own line rather than trying to reduce another person.

Winners are always solution oriented. Losers seek someone else to blame. Blame is a big part of a loser’s world.

Winners don’t avoid problems. A winner goes through the problem to solve it. A loser tries to avoid it by going around it or ignoring it. Losers don’t understand that problems are lessons that must be learned or they will keep recurring until you do. These lessons will keep happening in different disguises so you may not actually recognize them the second or third time around. But failure to solve problems will create greater and greater consequences. Winners know that each mistake and failure is a teacher for us.

Winners rarely call it a problem. They think of it as a situation, or a challenge. An even more advanced way of looking at it is to see a problem as an opportunity. The greatest winners among us see a problem as an adventure.

Being a winner take effort. Being a loser is easy. It’s automatic if you use self-defeating language. If you are offended by my using the word loser, just realize that you can change your future and become a winner in your next sentence. The journey from loser to winner can take place in two seconds.

It’s as simple as this: Instead of saying it’s not my fault, say what do I do about it? Now apply that to every area of your life. I am responsible. I can do it. If it’s to be, it’s up to me. Say those phrases and you are a winner. When your thoughts and your expectations are positive you will become a winner for life.


I didn’t do it. It’s not my fault.

That’s the way it’s always been done.

That’s too complicated.

I don’t have the resources available.

That will never work.

There’s not enough time.

I can’t.

I’ll try.

I’ll give it my best shot.


What do we do about this problem.

There must be a better way to do this.

Let’s look at that from a different angle.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Let me give that a shot.

Let’s re-evaluate other priorities and find time.

I know I can.

I will.

I will do whatever it takes.