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Dare To Be Different

Getting to that special genius inside of you and bringing it into the light of day sometimes requires that you think and do things differently. Since we know that more of the same simply brings you more of the same…especially when it comes to thinking…you have to break out of old habit patterns of thinking and begin to think differently in order to bring out the absolute best in youself. Whether you want to change your field of study, start a new business venture, make new friends, get to a level of fitness and health that you’ve never experienced before or learn to play a musical instrument…your new thinking leads to action and once you take action…it gains momentum. The world loves a man or a woman in motion. Once you’re in motion, new opportunities, possibilities and the will to get it done will flow into your life.

To do things differently means to consider unconventional, counterintuitive or even illogical perpectives. Look for the simple…elegant solution. When you hit a wall, don’t try to climb over it…look for a door…it’s there somewhere. That’s doing it differently.

Your own mind and the minds of those around you are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The world is a dynamic, fascinating place. To learn to think and act differently is to interact with that world in a spirit of exploration and adventure. ~ Mack Newton