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Desire – You Gotta Wanna

Many people only have a vague idea of what it is they want. They may want what others have, or what they see in a magazine, or a different job, or whatever the latest trent declares is desirable.

The conversation goes like this: Do you know what you want? Sure. I know what I want. What is it exactly? Well…it’s kind of hard to describe.

This much is clear…they don’t have a clue. Desire is a singular hunger, a passionate yearning that pierces the heart and thrills the mind. If you can’t describe in one clear-cut, succinct sentence exactly what you want…it’s nothing but a vague wish. Desire is the first step to opening your mind to new ideas and new possibilities. Passion excites you and stimulates your vision to be clear and precise and that compells you to launch yourself headllong into the direction of your dreams…straight into a rich, full and extraordinary life.

For most of my adult life, I had no clear-cut goals whatsoever and I was adrift on an ocean without sail or oar. Now…I know what I want and have become an obsessive goal-setter for over 22 years…my life doesn’t even resemble anything that I could have previously imagined. My personal relationships, my financial accomplishments all outdistance even my most outrageous dreams. All because of goal-setting and nothing more. Once you decide what you want, you’ll have something you didn’t have before…a visible aiming point. You now know where you want to be and goal-setting will get you there. ~ Mack Newton