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To me, having goals is living life with a purpose. So then, not having goals is living life without a purpose. It’s the way you get from one place to another in lifeÉyou set goals and control the direction of your life.

So, if goals are so important why is it that so few people set goals? Firstly, they don’t know how important goals are to their success in life. Goals magnetize us to what we want to be, have or do in life. You see, achieving goals isn’t difficult at all; it’s setting them in the first place that’s tough. Secondly, they don’t know how. Most people think that having goals involves simply thinking about what they want. A true goal has to be written down in clear, precise language, exactly as you want to have it. Until it’s been written down, it’s only a wish. Thirdly, people are afraid of being criticized for having the goal by their friends, family or associates. People who don’t set goals are intimidated of people who do. They’re always saying, “you can’t do this” or “you can’t do that”. So, only tell people about your goals who have clearly defined goals of their own. They will encourage and support you. Finally, they are afraid that they will fail. Understanding the relationship of failure in the success process is very important. It is such an important topic; I will deal with it separately in my next column.

Unless you become ruthless about setting goals on a regular basis, you will be condemned to always work for someone who does. Or put it this way, unless you are actively pursuing your goals, you will always be helping someone else achieve theirs.

Mack Newton

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