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I’ve often talked of the advantages of being decisive, but indecisiveness has some advantages, as well. For one thng, you get to live in your own little fantasy world. Even if you’re doing nothing, you’ve made a decision to do nothing. When you’re putting off making decisions you’re allowing the world to make your decisions for you…that’s not good. So…not only do you have to make decisions, but you have to make them decisively…and by that I mean making them quickly. Sometimes the only difference between a good manager and a great manger is that the great manager makes decisions quickly. There’s no question about it…decisions can be scary…for sure, they’re big rocks and you have to get them in the jar first if you’re going to get them in the jar at all. By being indecisive, you’ve also chosen to live by the Law of Accident and just hope things work out well. You want things to stay the same but get better. Not gonna happen. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to deal with the consequences of the real world, and therein lies the reason why so many people feel victimized…when things don’t go right, they take it personally, believing that the world is “out to get them.” If you are living in your own little world, you must first get past denial, and that’s not easy. It means asking yourself: “What unpleasant realities of my life am I not facing?” Then face them and as directly and quickly as possible. Sometimes it all boils down to getting past the fear that other people will see that you aren’t as successful, or as strong, or as knowledable as you’ve led them to believe you were…or….as you appear to be. But, you shouldn’t worry about that because people don’t care as much about your little world as you think they do. All they really care about is whether they can trust you or not. If they’re close to you, all they care about is whether you’re happy or not. ~ Mack Newton