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The Sea Within

That is what many researchers call the inside of the human body…the sea within. Why? It’s because water is the predominant compound in the human body. Every single space not occupied by proteins, carbohydrates, or bone components is occupied by water. Water has a powerful influence over most everything that happens within the human body. Read More

The Answer

If you have a problem…your subconscious mind has the answer. When you need an answer, when you need creative thinking, when you need a problem solved…your subconscious mind has the answer. Even if you cannot see a solution, can’t even imagine how it could be different…your subconscious mind has the answer. Your job in this Read More

How Do You See It?

I have studied the field of human potential for over 24 years at this point. All because I wanted an answer to this question; “Why are some people more successful than others…even when having similar abilities? I was also looking for a way to consistent I could depend on myself…especially under pressure. Well…like a Read More