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Life In A Bumper Car

Imagine youirself in the middle of this nightmare: You are in a bumper car ride at a carnival. A clown crashes his car into yours, sending it flying across the rink. Just as you start to get control of your cart and plan your next move, another car ploows into you from behind and sends Read More

How To Control Change

Once you know what you want and your desire to achieve it is strong, you need a map to help get you where you want to go. That map is called goals…and, goals are a blueprint, a step-by-step process of how you are going to make your dreams a reality. Desire is the great motivator…helps Read More

You Gotta Want It…Badly!

Most of our successes don’t look like success when they first show up in your life in response to your goal-setting. That’s why some people don’t recognize them as what they asked for…because it’s disguised in work clothes…or even tragedy. Sometimes people who have gone through a lengthy or terminal illness realize suddenly what they Read More

OK…So, You Don’t Know

Many, many people have no clue whatsoever what they to do with their lives. I see it often and I have been there…done that. But…let me tell you about a friend of mine…I’ll call him…”Jerry”. Jerry was adrift in life. He ricochets from disaster to disaster without any clear purpose or seemingly any feel for Read More

What Do YOU Want?

Desire and passion comes from inside you… for you and belong to you alone. No one can want anything for you and you can’t want anything for anyone else. It just deoesn’t work. You may want your partner to be more sensitive, or be a better listener, or to lose weight…yet…unless your spouse wants the Read More

Desire – You Gotta Wanna

Many people only have a vague idea of what it is they want. They may want what others have, or what they see in a magazine, or a different job, or whatever the latest trent declares is desirable. The conversation goes like this: Do you know what you want? Sure. I know what I want. Read More

Dare To Be Different

Getting to that special genius inside of you and bringing it into the light of day sometimes requires that you think and do things differently. Since we know that more of the same simply brings you more of the same…especially when it comes to thinking…you have to break out of old habit patterns of thinking Read More

Try Everything

Sometimes you are absolutely certain that you need to change. You feel it in every cell of your being, but you have no idea what you should do. If you find yourself in this situation, sometimes even random enthusiastic activity will pay off. Try ‘something’. ..try ‘everything’…until something works. We all know that Thomas Edison Read More


In the interest of constantly embracing change…a powerful technique I use frequently use consists of sitting quietly with pen and paper and writing your major problems, challenges or goals down in the form of a question to yourself. The question might be: “How can I use my time more efficiently?” or “How can I be Read More

Small Change

I embrace change. I love change. Instead of the universally held opinion that things will be worse off as a result of the change. I feel that everything will be better…sooner or later. I even borrow ideas for change from other fields to adapt to my needs to make change a constant in my life. Read More

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