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Laughter and Imagination

Imagination and humor are two of the most important elements of human development. The healthiest and happiest people possess both these traits in abundance. Dr. Norman cousins in his book Anatomy of an Illness describes how laughter helped him recover from ankylosing spondylitis, a painful and crippling collagen disease that attacks the connective tissues of Read More

Leadership 2010

We need leadership today more than ever before in America. We need more courageous leadership from parents in the home…more honest and focused leadership from business…and, more principled and moral leadership from government. The great Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once said: “there are three types of people, there are people who make things Read More


We are now living in a golden age. An era we’ve worked towards for thousands of years. America presents endless opportunity for everyone living here. Let’s take 100 men and women starting even at the age of 25. All of them want to be successful. If you ask them they would tell you that they Read More

Droppin’ Dimes

Being a basketball fan, I’m aware that when a player makes a pass that leads directly to a goal being scored, that player is credited with an ‘assist’. These ‘assists’ are sometimes called ‘droppin’ dimes’. After games in the locker rooms you often hear players chatting among themselves, saying things like; “how many dimes did Read More

Faith and Respect

I’ll always remember the story about faith and respect told to me by my first Taekwon-Do instructor, Mr Sang Ki Eun, then of Rockford, Illinois. I also think he was trying to teach me about effective decision-making, as well. It’s an old Zen story about two monks strolling through the forest near their monastery one Read More