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OK…So, You Don’t Know

Many, many people have no clue whatsoever what they to do with their lives. I see it often and I have been there…done that. But…let me tell you about a friend of mine…I’ll call him…”Jerry”. Jerry was adrift in life. He ricochets from disaster to disaster without any clear purpose or seemingly any feel for where he would like to go. He was truly a bumber-car in a carnival kind of guy. Truly directionless. Sad. He had accumulated several DUIs and is not even allowed to drive a car today. I asked him what he wants out of life or what he would like to do with his life and he just shrugs his shoulders, grunts and muttered some half-hearted vague response. I felt completely helpless in trying to get my friend motivated or inspired.

The psychologist William Marsten polled over 3,000 people with the question; “What do you have to live for?” Only 6 percent responded that they had a major definite purpose for their life…94 PERCENT did not!! I was shocked! But, it does go a long way in explaining why so many people underachieve and waste so much of their potential.

If you feel that passion has deserted you, perhaps your desires have gone underground. Maybe you have given up on your dreams through fear or because you’ve listened to others telling you you can’t do it. You may have even tried and failed and mistook that as a sign that you aren’t supposed to have whatever it is. To get out of the hole you’re in…keep asking yourself these questions; “What do you want to be? What do you want to have? What do you want to do?” ~ Mack Newton