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One of the key elements in Taekwon-Do training is persistence. Simply resolving not to ever give up. It’s been said that persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel. And, it’s very true that a person can never fulfill their potential without this staying power’ or iron will power. In fact, to those of us training in Taekwon-Do, persistence is regarded as a tenant.

However, to go for a real breakthrough in your performance, it’s not enough to just keep on doing more to the same (even with more intensity), because more of the same usually gives you more of the same. It’s here you need to change your thinking and get ruthless about doing it a different way. Achieving unconventional results frequently requires using unconventional methods.

Too often we become too attached to old methods and techniques long after they’ve stopped being effective for us simply because they’re familiar. This faith in the familiar’ can keep you tied down to extended mediocrity.

Don’t just train hard…train smart.

Mack Newton

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