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Physical Energy

The notion that only peak performing professional or Olympic level athletes need to be in top physical condition is out-of-date and a mistaken notion. High-level executives, parents, teachers, nurses all need high levels of physical energy to build and sustain the enthusiasm, creativity and the passion that drives these high performers over the long term. In order for your spirit not to be dominated, it has to have an ally in your physical self. If you are going to be successful in the pursuit of your goals, you need the energy and physical stamina to be congruent with your desires. When you have a desire to achieve a goal, but you don’t have the physical energy to bring it about, then you are defeating the second element of goal-setting, which is belief. You must believe that you have what it takes to achieve your goal. You must believe that you deserve the goal and it’s important that you very clearly understand that you can never out-perform your beliefs about yourself…NO MATTER WHAT! You MUST believe that you CAN accomplish this goal and sometimes it requires sheer physical energy and staying power. Your ability to stay the course…stay on track in the face of adversity and obstacles without falling into a quivering mass of stress related illnessness and unhappiness sometimes depends on your level of determination and perserverance. Determination and perserverance…though they are mental qualities…are intimately connected to the amount of sheer physical energy one can muster and maintain. I mean, even though we’re spiritual beings, we’re living in a physical world. So…in order for your spirit to be indomitable, you must be strong mentally, spiritually and physically, as well. Plato wrote extensively about the ultimate athlete, who is a combination of the scholar and the gymnast. Socrates took it a step further and became both a gymnast and a weight lifter. These two great thinkers and philosophers fulfilled their examples as role models and teachers for the ages.. by becoming physicall strong. ~ Mack Newton