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The 3-2 eating plan was developed by Mack out of a need for more energy to suit his busy lifestyle. It is designed to work with you and allow your body to find its natural balance, helping you look and feel great, with the added bonus of more energy and better weight control by following this simple, healthy eating plan.

The 3-2 philosophy is easy to remember and incorporate into your daily lifestyle. There are 3 things you can eat – fresh meat, green vegetables and fresh fruit, and 2 things you can drink – fresh fruit juice and clean water (see Mack’s famous ‘Mack Shake’ recipe inside). The 3-2 plan is designed to suit any lifestyle or culture and is great for travellers and busy people on the go who will benefit from the energy your body creates following this plan.  The mouth-watering recipes are filled with taste and flavour and are easy to create, suitable for everyone from the novice cook to master chef.  Enjoy as much food as you want, whenever you want when you follow the 3-2 and look and feel fabulous as a result!

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