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Hello and welcome to my gym! You’ve come to the right place…you’re safe here and I can get you started in a sensible workout routine that you CAN do and get you where you want to BE in as little as 2 1/2 hours a week. You probably haven’t worked out in a very long time, if ever. or you’re severly overweight, or you consider yourself to be old and beyond salvation. If any of this is true for you this is the workout place for you to start. Oh…by the way, you’re NEVER too old and NEVER too heavy to get healthy. It’s NEVER too late to have a great life! This class is designed for people who may consider themselves beyond help! You’ll be led in the class by Laura Gonzalez, herself weighting in at this taping at 297 pounds! Laura weighed over 300 pounds when she started just a bit over a month before this taping. Laura says: “If I can do this…you can do this!” Joining Laura in this session will be Lisa Pena and 1st Degree Black Belt Andrew Tsekhanovsky. Most of this workout is done while sitting down. I explain everything you need to know to get you started successfully. Yes…it’s a full-body workout…but, again designed just for you and not some super, workout jock! Combine this with my 3-2 eating plan and you’ll have two-thirds of all you’ll need to reach the promised land. The other third? A GREAT ATTITUDE!! OK…let’s put this in your shopping cart and get rolling.
~ Mack Newton

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