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Attention all jocks! Attention all former and think-they’re still-in-shape-jocks! This is the perfect workout for those who’ve been in shape in the past, but haven’t worked out in some time and want to safely get back in shape. This session has an excellent stretching program…exactly what you need when you’ve been off for awhile. You’re going to sweat here and the pace is quickened with less time spent explaining and demonstrating techniques. This workout is designed to build your cardio and coordination and start to work a little bit on building some strength. We spend alot of time on the buttocks and legs (hence the “B” in the title) so that you’ll quickly build some confidence and be inspired to move on. Don’t worry…this is a total-body workout…in fact…all of the online workouts are total-body, we just have a special emphasis on a different body area in each workout. Natasha Newton will lead you in this class and she’ll be joined by Whitney Hays and former-college rower Alex Cumsky. Golfers, baseball players, soccer players, business execs and doctors will appreciate this workout for it’s appropriateness to what you folks do. As I said, this is the “let’s get back in shape workout.” So…don’t be scared…let’s rock n’ roll!
~ Mack Newton

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