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We all love things with a little flair, don’t we? Well…this workout has FLAIR! Congratulations on your choice, you’ve made any excellent selection if you’re currently working out, but you haven’t reached your fitness level goals yet. The stretching segment is world-class and will challenge you so that you can bring this important element into your workout routine. This alone will raise your game. This stretching will make everything you’re good at…better. So…don’t shirk the work when it come to the stretching. ALL top-level performers understand the importance of this component to high performance. Let’s not wait until you feel you’re in better shape and then come back to get the stretching…no, let’s do it NOW, when it’ll do you the most good. You’ll be led in this workout by Holly Keller, a former highschool cheerleader, who hadn’t worked out in a long time. She’s joined by world-class tri-athlete, fitness competitor, author and spokeswoman, Marty Hames. She’s the FLAIR I was talking about earlier! She’ll provide an excellent example of perfect technique, pace, focus and attitude for you to emulate. With her, Black Belt, Andrew Tsekhanovsky returns to complete our team and what a team it is! Of course, this is a total-body workout and our focus is on chest and arms. At this level, the pace does pick up a bit, but it’s manageable. This is a strength-building workout, but will challenge your cardio, as well. This is where I usually start the pro’s at the beginning of their off-season training.This class is all about accepting the challenge and striving to get better all the time. Ready or not…here I come!
~ Mack Newton

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