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Welcome to the Intermediate Level and get ready for a walk on the wild side. Everyone knows that the puppy that is Newton Fitness has HUGE fangs, but up until this point they’ve been kept under wraps. In this workout, they’re not on full display, just a lil’ peek. Really, though, this workout is like an old pair of well-worn jeans…very comfortable and seems to go with anything. This is a basic clas with a capital “B”. We work everything on your body except your ear lobes. This class will get you ready for a marathon, the basketball season, your high-school reunion, your softball league, or your Black-Belt testing. So, of course you need a ‘fair to good’ level of fitness in order to do this workout. No particular emphasis here, just a really good, well-balanced class that is total-body and will challenge you from beginning to end. No special equipment needed besides your own body and a good attitude for maximum performance. Marty Hames is back to make sure you don’t slack off when the going gets tough… Holly Keller returns and both are joined by first-timer and Newton Taekwon-Do Blue Belt student, Shuyler Humes. Working out with this team, you can’t go wrong and we’re assured of a great workout and one heck of a good time all the while! Ok…the heat is officially turned up…enjoy the ride.
~ Mack Newton

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