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This workout is practically identical to the previous one except for an emphasis on the abs. Ok…maybe it’s just a little bit more intense…but that’s it! It’s the same! Well…maybe the stretching is more designed for runners and running sports… so if you’re a runner or a cyclist, play soccer, baseball or football this workout is for you. It’s not important for you to be able to say you were able to do a particular workout…it’s what the workout can do for you, that’s important. “Does it make you better or worse?”, is the question you must ask concerning your workout routine, because nothing is neutral. This workout is going to make you BETTER! Our team is experienced with returnees Lisa, Andrew and JD doing their best to to inspire you to a get maximum effort and upward and onward towards your fitness goals. This workout is for you if you want ‘washboard abs’, great stamina, endurance and tremendous flexibility. You’ll get a great stretch, a challenging cardio workout with an extra bump on the abs, and all in less than an hour. Do this 3 times per week and you’ll be ready for the first-string varsity before you know it.
~ Mack Newton

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