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This is the perfect class for you if you’re a gymnast, martial artist or a dancer. This workout strengthens your core and your upper legs, hip flexors, inner thighs, and increases your flexibility. Core strength is critical for balance and the hip flexors must be super strong for maximum utilization of your legs. When athletes get leg injuries especially of the hamstrings or quads, it’s usually because of an imbalance of strength and flexibility between those two muscle groups. When under extreme stress as when dancing, performing martial arts or gymnastics, this imbalance can result in muscle failure…commonly called a muscle pull. This workout is designed for athletes with a history of leg issues so they can get back in the action without fear of re-injury. Not to worry, though…this is still a total-body workout with a super stretching segment as are all the workouts in our online series.
~ Mack Newton

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