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In this session we’re going to use 5 and 10 pound weights to help get you strong. We’re combining the weight-lifting with a strong cardio demand for a very unique workout. It’s actually a cardio-weight lifting class. You’ll see the ladies demonstrate perfect technique while inspiring you to not give up. Lis is back with Natasha and CC showing that they are no strangers to weight lifting. In this workout, you’re going to get a complete upper-body workout. The deltoids, the triceps the pecs, biceps and lats all get a tremendous workout without having to lift heavy weights and possibly hurt your shoulders, your knees or your back. When we combine the weights with this strong cardio output, we create an invironment where you simply get stronger faster. Because this session moves quickly from one body part to another, it’s particularly important to pay to close attention to technique and detail, especially when you’re learning the full-body crunches. The full-body crunch is as amazing as it is difficult when it comes to making your stomach stronger along with strengthening the hip flexors and back, as well. As with all our workouts, this one is also total body.
~ Mack Newton

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