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This is the beginning of the next level up. I call it the “Level 3 Series”. Back in the day… in boxing, they called rounds 13, 14 and 15…the championship rounds. You had to be in great shape to go there. In fitness…this is the championship series. So, welcome to the Level 3 Series…wear it well…it’s a badge of honor. The cardio is leveraged up and the whole workout demands a higher level of focus and commitment than earlier levels. You’ll need your weights again (5 pounds for females and 10 pounds for males), but the focus of the class is on a complete all-around workout. Rest time between exercises is reduced so your recovery time must be faster. Correct technique is a must in order to make it to the end. If you’ve come up through the Level 2 series, the stretching here will be very familiar…the flexibility, increased range of motion and suppleness will continue to benefit from this Level 3 stretching program. When you finish this workout, you’ll feel unbelievably good! When you’re able to do this workout…start to finish without stopping and keep up with the pace …you’ll feel GREAT! Don’t just do this class…have FUN doing this class!
~ Mack Newton

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