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Level 3.3C Daily Workout Membership

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This workout is for athletes who are already in GOOD shape…right now! Go NO further unless you are in the best shape of your life RIGHT NOW and want the next level up! In fact…this workout can have the opposite desired effect by tearing you down instead of making you stronger unless you’re mentally and physically prepared for this high level training. Now…having said that…the stretching here is also level 3 series and includes some new stretching techniques needed for this level of training and lays the groundwork for improved circulation, range of motion and suppleness. 5th Degree Black Belt, Nick Kapande from Evergreen, Colorado, Deb Landaburu (Cupcake), and Blair Singer are the 3 champions I’ve chosen to lead you in this our most challenging workout in the entire series. The main difference between this workout and earlier level 2 and 3 series is that the cardio demand is extremely high and there is very little time to rest between excercises. You’ll need your 5 or 10 pound weights that we’ll use to provide a different perpective to strengthening your upper-body than pushups alone…especially when we combine the weightlifting with extreme cardio output. But…don’t worry…it’s a total-body workout,.. we overload the abs, pop the calves and crush the quads…you’ll love it! Just make sure your insurance is in full affect and I’ll see you in my gym!
~ Mack Newton

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