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I have a crystal clear mental image of this scenario…I was standing in the courtyard of the apartment complex where I rented a small 1-bedroom apartment, retrieving my mail from the mailbox. The complex manager saw me and came out to carrying a small white envelope, which she handed to me. I opened it and saw that it was an eviction notice…I had 6 days to move out. This shouldn’t have surprised me since I was 3 months behind in my rent. The manager apologized for bringing me such bad news. I replied it didn’t matter because I had already made a decision to become rich.

It has been my experience that many people believe that when it comes to money, prosperity and wealth accumulation, all the positive thinking, good attitudes and hard work will never make one bit of difference in their ability to pay the bills at the end of the month. Well, the truth of the matter is, our conscious and our subconscious minds are always creating the realities in your lives, INCLUDING determining how much money you have in the bank. Your prosperity, or lack of it is a result of your thinking! Your beliefs are holding you right where you are right now. You’re not what you think you are…by what you think, you are! Think poor, get poor, stay poor. Think rich, get rich, stay rich.

Fully 80% of the population are preoccupied with money problems….not money accumulation….money problems! They think about, worry about money problems from morning till night. This is not a happy, healthy, productive way to live! Many health problems are caused by stress and worry about money. Many problems in relationships are caused by money worries, and one of the main causes for divorce is arguments over money. So you owe it to yourself to develop your talents and abilities so that you can earn enough money so that you don’t have to worry about it. I am not making any judgments here. Money is neither good nor bad. Money is just money…it’s our attitudes towards money that determines how much we get, how much we keep and whether we use it well or not.

Decide, right now, how prosperous you want to be. Imagine that you had a magic wand and could wave it to design your financial life. What would your life look like if you achieved ALL of your financial goals? What would you be doing more of, or less of? What would you be earning, what kind of lifestyle would you have? These are important questions, the time is now to make a decision. Remember…Abraham Lincoln said:, “The best thing you can do for the poor, is not to be one of them.”

Mack Newton

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