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Rekindling The Love

Love is not a matter of falling in love and staying in love, it’s more like falling in love and then developing a deep respect and a sincere liking. The sincere liking is what keeps you together when you fall out of love. You may fall in and out of love with the same person many times over the course of a long-term love relationship. That’s why having a sincere liking for your partner is actually more important than constantly being in love.

If you were in love at one time and if you’re still willing to work on your relationship, then certainly your relationship can be saved. It certainly isn’t hopeless, it may just be going through a change…it may be evolving…but, it’s not done. Like an athletic skill set…relationships can change levels…move to a higher level of enjoyment, a higher level of experience.

Even in the most devasted battlegrounds of love, sometimes there is a spark or an ember and it can be fanned back into a flame. The Greek have a word for the rekindling process: praxis. The principle of praxis states that you generate emotion in yourself by doing things consistent with those emotions over and over until they rekindle into flame. In other words, you act your way into the feeling until it becomes your reality. ~ Mack Newton