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For me, it’s been a long painful process. Learning the importance of intimate, long-term, loving relationships. It is one the truest measures of how well we’re doing as human beings. For some people (especially men) it is difficult to find the courage to commit themselves fully to a relationship. Usually this is because they’re afraid they’ll be rejected (sooner or later) or to love by watching it demonstrated by our parents. If we were as a top priority for ourselves. It’s never too late to learn how to love and it’s essential for you if you really want to be happy.

Most of our happiness and unhappiness in life comes from our relationships with others. It is these relationships that make us truly human. Over 85% of all the joy we experience in life success. In other words, people make us happy, things don’t. Also, to my way of thinking, most of our problems talk back, they clam up and sulk. Force yourself to talk it out, especially when you don’t want to. Practice the magic minute method…talk for one minute, then listen for one minute.

We can measure how well we are doing in our relationships by making one simple test: laughter. How much laughter there is in a relationship is a direct indicator of how healthy the relationship is. When the relationship begins to fade the first thing to go is the laughter. So, keep talking, keep listening, and keep laughing.

Mack Newton

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