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Set A Deadline

A goal is a dream with a time limit. This is a key element. If you don’t set a deadline, you tell the universe that you are not very serious about your goal and have no sense of urgency to get it accomplished. You prove your insincerity towards your goal. If you talk in terms of “maybe someday”…what kind of energy can you generate in your mind? Set a firm deadline. “I am going by March 1st. If I have to climb into the belly of a Paris bound freighter and sleep with the rats, I’m going to get there.” If you are determined to meet your deadline at all costs, new possibilities open up to you. You have magnetized yourself to the ways and means in which it can be done. Determined people with deadlines discover resources and opportunities that others never see. We call such people “lucky.” They are in fact just goal-setters who set deadlines. ~ Mack Newton