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The Answer

If you have a problem…your subconscious mind has the answer. When you need an answer, when you need creative thinking, when you need a problem solved…your subconscious mind has the answer. Even if you cannot see a solution, can’t even imagine how it could be different…your subconscious mind has the answer.

Your job in this scenario is to clearly define the situation in your mind and clearly define how you want it to work out. We’ve all had the experience of being awakened from a deep sleep by a flash of inspiration…a sudden flash of creativity…the answer to a problem you’ve needed for some time and out of nowhere, there the answer was. You must write it down immediately or it will disappear…it will go back the universe where your mind got it from in the first place. This is your subconscious mind finding answers for you. It’s not just a one-time thing, it’s a predictable resource for you to call on whenever you need it.

As I said, your job is to clearly define the situation and if the answer does not come, turn the situation over to your deeper subconscious mind prior to sleep and forget about it. Make sure you have notepads and pens all around you all the time because you never know exactly when the flash will come to you containing your answer. When it comes…the answer will be complete, simple and elegant. Until you get your response, continues defining and turning it over to your subconscious mind until your problem is solved.

This system has been used by all the great thinkers down through the ages. It works…do you? ~ Mack Newton