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The Sea Within

That is what many researchers call the inside of the human body…the sea within. Why? It’s because water is the predominant compound in the human body. Every single space not occupied by proteins, carbohydrates, or bone components is occupied by water. Water has a powerful influence over most everything that happens within the human body. The brain consists of 85% water…a baby is 78% water…a normal adult is 72% water and some elderly people can be as low as 50% water. Could it be that long-term dehydration is a major contributor to the aging process? Hmmm. Even bone tissue is 22% water. When people refer to dry bones, those bones are only dry after the dead body has decayed into a skeleton.

I’ve said for a long time that ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is just ignorance…and what you don’t know about how much water you should drink can kill you. It’s been estimated that almost half of the American population suffers from some degree of dehydration. A three-percent loss in body water-volume causes fatigue and can cause organ dysfunction, and a ten-percent loss can be life-threatening. Water intake requirments can vary according to individual needs and circumstances. Under the normal conditions of an active fulfilling lifestyle, I recommend 120 ounces of water per day. I don’t mean beverages that are water-based, but 120 ounces of water. Some water-based beverages can actually reduce your overall body water volume. For example… tea, coffee, sodas can activate your kidneys and rather than increase your water volume…cause you to lose much needed water volume.

To give you an idea of how much water you need, I’ll break down the requirement of the daily needs of your gastro-intestinal secretions alone. Saliva: 1,500ml, gastric secretions: 2,000 ml, bile from the liver: 500ml, intestinal secretions: 1,200ml, fecal excretion: 100ml. Keep in mind that 1,000ml = 1 liter or about 1 quart. Maybe this explains why Americans spend so much money on pills to help them digest their food. A better answer would be to drink more water. In addition, you also need water for lymph fluids, urine, cerebro-spinal fluid, blood, perspiration, fluids of the eyes… just to mention a few.

I believe a great many people can dramatically improve their health, their energy and their immune systems by drinking more water and I recommend drinking 120 ounces of water per day. For some this may seem like a lot, and, at first it is. It seems you can’t stop going to the restroom, but as the body slowly rehydrates itself… this need subsides and the body begins to use the the water for the many normal functions that have been neglected for so long and therein lies the drastic improvement in health, energy and the immune system. ~ Mack Newton