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So many people have the opinion that their thoughts are meaningless, unimportant…just so many disjointed, hard to understand mental vignettes appearing on the video screens of their minds. Nothing could be further from the truth. Thoughts are things. Thoughts are real. We are not really, what we think we are, but, BY what we think, we are. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “We become what we think about all day long.” Our dominant thoughts literally predict our future, positive or negative. Successful people sit around all day thinking and talking about the great things that they’re going to do. Failures sit around all day thinking and talking bout all the things that have gone wrong and the things that are going to go wrong. In both cases, their thoughts objectify their reality.

Have you ever noticed that you sometimes do things without even having to think about it? Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not. Whichever, that action is controlled by your sub-conscious mind. Your sub-conscious mind is programmed directly by your thoughts. Whatever you think about on a consistent basis becomes a controlling factor for your sub-conscious mind and literally dictates your actions. So, if you think negative thoughts consistently, you will become a negative person WHETHER YOU WANT TO BE OR NOT. To be a positive, optimistic person, you must keep your thoughts focused on positive, optimistic thoughts. Simply refuse to think about anything that is not consistent with the person that you want to be, with the things you want to have, or the things you want to do. In the Bible it says: “that which I have feared the most has befallen me.” That means that you have attracted into your life the very things that you DO NOT WANT by the power of your thoughts. It is absolutely essential that you keep your thoughts positive. What that means is that you simply always expect the best of yourself and those around you. Nothing is more powerful than simply expecting the best of your spouse and especially your children.

When I was a young Black Belt and seeking to become a world champion, my instructor said to me: “It’s not important to become a superior fighter, but to become a superior thinker.”

Mack Newton

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