Mack Newton’s 10 Laws of Self-Defense

self_defense1. Fight Dirty – Weapons are everywhere if you know where to look. There are NO rules when it comes to survival.

2. Attack Vital Areas – Don’t waste time with nonsense stuff. Attack the eyes, throat, groin, knees and keep it SIMPLE!

3. ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK! You have the tactic of surprise – use it – ATTACK FIRST & FAST. The sooner you attack, the faster you can get away! This is not the time to be defensive.

4. Again use only simple, deadly strikes. This is not a martial arts movie – it’s a real assault – attack to WIN!

5. Never, ever threaten or bluff or “WARN” an attacker! This always backfires, it is the tactic of someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. It WILL NOT scare the attacker.

6. Realize you may get hurt. No matter how much training you have, you may have to be mentally prepared to get hurt. That way, if you see your own blood, it won’t panic you.

7. Get in shape. You don’t have to be in the shape of a Newton Taekwon-Do Black Belt, but you need to be in shape, and the better shape you’re in the more confidence you’ll have that you can fight back. Your self-defense is 60% mental and 40% physical.

8. Be alert at all times. Want to be safe – know that you can if you know the signs & stay alert.

9. Stay off the ground at all costs. Stay upright, that’s your best chance of getting away. Never, never ever get into a car or go anywhere with your attacker!

10. Have a plan – physically & mentally. Like a baseball player who says, “What would I do if the ball is hit to me?” You need a plan – What would you do if something happened to you?