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Try Everything

Sometimes you are absolutely certain that you need to change. You feel it in every cell of your being, but you have no idea what you should do. If you find yourself in this situation, sometimes even random enthusiastic activity will pay off. Try ‘something’. ..try ‘everything’…until something works. We all know that Thomas Edison experimented and failed over 5,000 times in his quest to invent the incandescant light bulb. He always felt that he didn’t fail at all, he simply identified 5,000 ways in which it did not work. He made sure he never made the same experiment twice…he made sure that he always did something different each time.

Many modern developments have occurred as a result of rapid-fire, high-volume experimentation. Newsweek magazine reported that at DuPont, it takes up to 250 new ideas to generate just one marketable new product. Rubbermaid producess 400 to 500 new products per year to maintain their product’s dominance in the marketplace. In my opinion success is basically a matter of probability has much as anything else. The more things you try…the more likely you are to have eventual success. ~ Mack Newton