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What Do YOU Want?

Desire and passion comes from inside you… for you and belong to you alone. No one can want anything for you and you can’t want anything for anyone else. It just deoesn’t work. You may want your partner to be more sensitive, or be a better listener, or to lose weight…yet…unless your spouse wants the same thing for themselves…it’s just not going to happen.

Without question, you can support others in their own goals and desires. You can encourage them onward and upward. You can inspire them. In fact, one of the definitions of love is being willing to help your partner grow in the direction of their dreams. But…as I said you can’t establish the desire or the dreams for them…and, wanting it for them can’t and won’t make it happen. Remember… as I said earlier, no one can project their desires onto you. No matter how badly your father or your spouse wants you to be a doctor, or whatever, the universe will not respond to this desire if it is not in your heart, as well. ~ Mack Newton