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When Are You Going To Take Charge Of Your Life?

I remember some years ago that my Great-Grandmother while being concerned about me and where I was (or wasn’t) going in my life, asked me this simple question; “Mack…when are you going to take charge of your life?” She said, “You only have one life to live and it seems to me that you need to get busy living it…you remind me of a sheep!” A sheep? How do I remind you of a sheep?

Well…I had to go out and find out what she meant by calling me a sheep. I found out that sheep , for self-preservation mostly, always remain with the herd. They have little or no desire to explore their limits…no seeking adventure…just staying within the protective circle of the group so they don’t have to deal with danger or risk anything meaningful.

Now I know it wasn’t just me…lots of folks act like sheep. Why? I don’t know really, but I that whenever we allow others to control our lives we place our future in their hands, we relinquish the right to our goals and by default condemn ourselves to fulfilling the goals of others. It’s not a pleasant situation, but it can be cured. You can learn how to take charge of your life.

It starts with learning the power of the word “no”. Instead of just doing whatever someone wants you to do…use the word “no” to get to the “yes” of your life. Become the ‘doer’, instead of being done to. Learn to act instead of being acted upon. I’m no longer a sheep and you’re not a sheep…you are not lost…if you’ve given away control of your life, you can get it back.

In order to take back control…in order to clarify your goals and dreams…you have to take a stand. Stop asking for permission from others to do the things you want to do or be. You need NO ONE’S PERMISSION! You’ve had all the permission you’ll ever need for a long time. Just do it! Don’t apologize anymore for wanting more than you have. Don’t ever be sorry…be better…stop apologizing. This only tells others that you’re insecure and don’t like yourself very much.

Remember…as you change and grow…when you say ‘no’ and by not asking for permission, you may lose old friends, as I did…but, my new strength and character forged the way for me to make new friends better suited for the life I wanted to live and so will you. ~ Mack Newton