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You Gotta Want It…Badly!

Most of our successes don’t look like success when they first show up in your life in response to your goal-setting. That’s why some people don’t recognize them as what they asked for…because it’s disguised in work clothes…or even tragedy. Sometimes people who have gone through a lengthy or terminal illness realize suddenly what they really want in life…it’s clear as a bell in their mind’s eye. In my case, success came disguised as a degenerative hip ailment. If I hadn’t been reduced to walking in pain, on a cane, I never would have changed my thinking to discover more of my previously unrecognized talents. I firmly believe I’d still be in the same place, doing the exact same things…or, at least trying to. Or…maybe I’d be dead.

It that what it takes? Do you have to be deformed and broken before you start to think differently? Before you can see what you really want in your life? If if it does…why? It scares me now to realize that it took something so painful and devastating to push me out of my rut. Why couldn’t I have done it without that impetus? Well…I could have…I could have changed my thinking at any time if I had wanted it badly enough. You have to want something really, really badly. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. ~ Mack Newton